Input on floorplan before permitting - comments, thoughts, etc

Jordan Egert
11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

We are finalizing the drawing phase/process and made several adjustments. Please let me know any suggestions, comments, feedback you might have.

Of most concern is how the fireplace and built in ended up being wrapped in. The original floorplan called for a large 25 x 22 living space, with a fire place in the middle of the living room and a window on either side. Instead of ending up with a huge living area, we shifted the fire place up and added built ins on either side. This ended up with 6' built ins on each side and a 6' fire place in the middle (these can be changed), and only one window.

Our concern is that we are left with a kind of strange 6' x 10' area next to the stair well and I fear this is either going to look stupid or end up as unusable dead space. What are your thoughts - could this be designed better, am I over thinking it, etc. We have complete flexibility in how this gets designed.

I've included a better cropped image to show the dimension of nook area. Also of the front elevation - pardon the crude ms paint plant insert. But gives an idea of how we are handling the blank exterior wall where the closet under the stair well is.

The built ins next to the kitchen will be a wet bar area (or extra pantry?), and the part of the kitchen with the refrigerator will have floor to ceiling pantry cabinets.

(We are considering framing the door in on the downstairs office, but this would result in not having any direct entry to the bathrooms from bedrooms other then out master)

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