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Pony wall and niche advice

Amy Swanson
last month

New build. Master bath layout is below. Seeking opinions on a couple of things:

1. Pony wall vs full wall on circled walls - We are fairly modest, so thought of full walls is my initial feeling. But totally could go with pony walls if that would look better. Or a mix - pony wall on vanity side so it doesn't feel closed in by walls on both sides (although vanity is 5'3" so pretty large) and then full wall by tub?

2. Niche placement - we want a niche, so this is not a niche debate. Please don't respond with cons on niches or using a shelf/ledge instead. Question is where to put niche. If the walls are pony walls at standard 42" high, then is 13" high niche in the pony wall too low? Is a pony wall of 48" too high/weird looking (but would allow higher placement of niche). Valves will go on one of those 2 circled walls as well.

Thank you!

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