A modern miracle

17 days ago
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My 89 year old dad has had an essential tremor in his hands for almost 30 years. It’s the first thing you notice about him and people are always wondering aloud if he has Parkinson’s disease ( he doesn’t.)

Today he had a relatively simple procedure that eliminated the tremor completely in his dominant hand. It’s called focused ultrasound and it’s a non- surgical form of brain surgery. it took about 2 hours with no side effects.

The results are nothing short of miraculous. He can now write his name legibly (and he’s a lefty!). Prior to this his signature looked like an EKG readout. He can hold a cup with one hand and not spill it. He is over the moon and we are all happily dazed.

I also inherited the same essential tremor and although my tremor isnt anywhere as bad as my dad’s (was), I sm thrilled to know that a lifelong debilitating issue can be cured with relative modern ease (but, yeah, not looking forward to shaving my head—you have to.)

Heres a video about it with my father’s dr and a different patient:

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