Help with front porch on standard full cape!

Melissa Jo
13 days ago

I have a standard 1.5 story full cape - 36'x24' (36' not including mudroom or converted garage to the right) with 2 doghouse dormers and 2 BRs/1 BA upstairs. We are looking to add a front porch with a shed roof, but only from the bay window to the left side of the picture. The house faces east and gets very little direct sunlight, so we do not want to cover the bay window with a porch roof. The room to the left of the front door is the master BR and we are not too concerned about the amount of light in there. The porch would extend 10' from the house, which is about where the edge of the pathway is.

I'm struggling envisioning the roof of the porch. My husband wants a standing seam metal shed roof, which is fine, but where does it attach to the house? Just above the door or just below the dormers? And how would it look with the rest of the house and the bay window side being left as is? Are there other things we should do to make it look better?

We have no sketches at the moment but my father-in-law will be drawing up some ideas for us. He tends to be fairly cut and dry, which is fine, but I am curious to see what other minds might come up with! *Also, there is the potential down the line for a 10' addition off the side of the house... Probably a single story addition with a similar gable roof as the rest of the house.

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