Hello, Seeking help in identifying some cultivars.

Naf Qan
13 days ago

Hello all,
this is my first post here, I wish to greet everybody, and looking forward to learning from you all.
Having said that, recently a friend of mine gifted me some roses. I am new to rose caring, so I am trying to learn as much as I can. I don't know the names of most of the cultivars that he gave me, so I hope you can help me in identifying them.
The first one is a rose that has red petals but deep yellow reverse. More than one rose bud are clustered on the same stem, so I believe it is a floribunda. I couldn't smell any fragrance coming from this rose. The leaves are dark brown then they turn to dark green, and it is very thorny and has prickles and teeth. Could it be a Gypsy Carnival or a Ketchup & Mustard.
Here is a picture of it:

As you can see in the following picture the same stem has two roses on it:

The second rose I would like to identify is also a floribunda. It is small, may be a miniature, and its roses are red with white stripes. It might be a Scentimental or Julio Iglesias, but the one I have has small leaves and is very small. Here is a picture of this rose:

The third rose I am trying to identify is hybrid tea:

Before opening, the rose petals were white to pinkish, but once opened it becomes creamy or very faint orange. It has very red thorns and its foliage starts as deep brown and turns into dark green. Here is a photo showing the blooms before opening:

My best guess is that it could be Francis Meilland or Paul Ricard???

The fourth rose that I got and I don't know it's name is a yellow rose, it is nearly thornless, each stem has only one bud, but it is still young. the last frost nearly killed it as my friend has told me. Here is a picture of it:

Those are the ones that has just opened, there are a few others that are still budding and I will post about them once they bloom.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.
My best regards to all,

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