How can I kill off violets?

laceyvail 6A, WV
17 days ago

In my newly landscaped yard I have violets coming up through the mulch between the small shrubs and trees and perennials and around the groundcover plugs. I've repeatedly applied Round up, walking hunched over throughout the huge area, and carefully shooting it directly on the leaves, but to little effect. I've tried both regular Round up and the type for woody plants/poison ivy. I recently asked Ortho if their Weed B Gon product would work and they said, "No, try Round up."

I have always been pretty much an organic gardener, and in the past have dug out violets by hand, but this is impossible--the area is large and at 77 I just don't have the strength or stamina.

Is there a product you're familiar with that would work in this situation? Please don't tell me to live with it. They're too aggressive and they'd destroy the groundcovers.

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