Tree farm forgot a training stake and trunk is enveloping it

Anthony Nguyen
14 days ago

Hi I just had a landscaping company buy and plant a 30 gallon Mexican Sycamore tree. After they were done, I noticed this white stick barely sticking out of the trunk and after further analysis, I'm guessing it was a fiberglass type of stick that maybe the growers had used to train this tree when it was a sapling to grow vertically straight and they may have forgotten to remove it. I cant get a grip on it to try to pull it out without sticking something to wedge it out which would damage the trunk.

Will the tree trunk grow around/absorb this stick with no problems or will there always be an unsightly "wedge" in this trunk area that will grow larger as the trunk gets larger. OR the life/health of the tree be cut shorter and I should press the landscaping company to remove and replace this tree.

Tree is currently 3 inches diameter trunk and the stuck stake is .5 inches.

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