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Roses recommendations for a gazebo

I recently got married and as a wedding gift, my mother ordered us a metal gazebo like this.

It is hexagonal, 111” tall and measures 9 feet on the diagonal. I, of course, would love to train some roses and clematis on it. I had ordered some climbers already and was wondering if and of them might lend themselves to growing on a structure like this without completely overwhelming it in zone 7.

The roses I ordered are Lady Ashe, Polka, Purple skyliner, Honeymoon arbor rose, Kiss me Kate Arbor rose, Mel’s heritage, and Madame Alfred Carrière (which I’m pretty sure would overwhelm it!). Do you think any of these roses would be suitable to repurpose here, and if not, do you have any recommendations? I just put up my first arbors last fall and haven’t really tried climbers yet, so I’m not sure what criteria would make a good choice. I do not spray, so blackspot resistance is important. rebloom would br nice, but is not required. I also have teasing Georgia, but I feel it would be too bushy and would prefer something flatter.

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