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Bending and wiring Citrus

I thought I would start a post on this, since I've seen a few threads asking if it is possible to bend citrus trees. Since I've been bending mine for awhile, (and I use it to avoid pruning if I can, keeping the trees short but a bit wide), I thought I'd post. Citrus trees CAN be bent and shaped just like any other tree with wire, string, weight, etc.
There are a lot of ways to bend citrus trees, string is one, you can use it to pull branches into a downward pattern, just tie the string to the branch you want to bend, loop it around the trunk and pull gently until it is where you want it, then wrap the string around the trunk and secure to another branch so it doesn't move. I used this early on with my Nagami to fix the fact that it had no branches on one side due to an overzealous prune job by the greenhouse where I bought it. If I ever find one of my pictures of the tree when I was done, I'll post here. This is the easiest way to bend more established branches. Just tie on the thicker part of the wood far enough out that you have enough of a moment to bend the branch.
Weights are a possibility, but you have to be careful to use just enough weight to bend the branch and not break it, and you need to be careful not to bump the tree. I haven't, personally, used weights because I don't have a way to guarantee that the weights will stay where they are.
Wire is the easiest way to get whatever shape you want out of a branch, and I wire mine regularly. If a wire is just barely not thick enough, go down a size and then double up, or double up halfway for a branch that is thick to thin. Citrus are very easy to bend into whatever shape you want, especially while they're young, since their new growth grows in long and soft. Just use the two branch principle, or anchor your wire to a knee point below the branch you want to bend, and you're good. I'll post some examples of what I've done in the comments.
Anyone else wire or bend their trees? Any advice you want to add? Other techniques? Other examples?

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