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Designing a whirlpool tub into the basement

last month
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My husband and I are empty nesters with a finished walkout basement that we don't use. The main space is about 25x20. We would like to add a jetted two person bathtub (not a hot tub) to our basement to create a romantic B&B style retreat. However, we do not need another bathroom or bedroom in the basement. We would prefer to leave the remaining area as a "flex space" for various projects, hobbies, and indoor seating if a cookout gets rained out.

I am at a loss how to divide/design/decorate this space so it doesn't look weird. Should we frame out a room for the tub with a nice tropical/coastal decor and just leave the rest as a multipurpose hobby room? Or install some sort of room divider (either stationary or moveable) around the tub? If so, I would love some suggestions for room dividers.

I would also like suggestions on which part of the room would be the best location for the tub.

My husband is an engineer so we have the structural, ventilation, and water heating issues handled. We are not planning to move, so we would prefer to spend our funds on a high quality tub instead of investing a lot in high end decorative finishes (typical engineer, LOL).

I am attaching photos. These are from the former owner, so not how the room looks now. Thanks for your ideas!

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