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Decorating Takes Time: Dining Room Year Three

last month

So it turns out that designing a space doesn't happen overnight. I just could not get my dining room the way I wanted it. I posted about my dilemma a few years agohere. We had just moved in and I inherited dark purple gray walls that were doing nothing for the bright space. I tried to embrace the color and "make it work." When the 2020 lockdown happened, I used the time at home to repaint the walls. I've been zhushing it up ever since. Most of my furnishings and accessories are second-hand. I think I'm finally "done," but I'm a chronic rearranger / redecorater, so we'll see.

Here's how it started - bare, dark, sad and impractical (with bulky white slipcovered chairs that were a pain to keep clean)

And here it is now (my drapes still need hemmed):

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