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My friend asked if I would complete a doll quilt she started 8 years ago for her GD. The GD had picked out the fabrics and my friend had cut 5" squares with a border. I had to remove the border as it was a mess and the pieced quilt needed serious trimming. I suggested me make it larger as she didn't really need a doll quilt anymore. I made a design and we went to the store for more fabric.

I planned on adding a border and fudging it so I could square it up. Then adding 9" blocks made of a design I found on the web. At the time, I had it in my mind that they were 1/2 sq triangles. I just cut them out and started making them when I realized the weren't 1/2 sq triangles but something else. I thought to myself, "what would you call that? An hourglass?" Googled it and yes, that is what they are called. So now, of course, they would be too small, so I will be making 9" blocks with 3" half sq triangles. I always seem to mess something up. Oh well.

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