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Master Bath Remodel - Thoughts/Opinions

last year
last modified: last year

Hey All,

It's been a while since I've been active (outside of lurking and reading) and I'm hoping people will share their thoughts. Here's my situation: I have an old master bath that needs remodeling, from the entry of the master bedroom its approximately 88" wide and 84" deep. To the left hand side (where the wood door hinges) is the master shower that is approximately 34" in width almost butting up the inside door trim. The toilet is on the same side as the shower and the vanity is opposite those two on the right hand side. My current thoughts are to cut the vanity down to `54" and put the toilet on the same side (right hand side). I'd then like to extend the shower along the left wall and make it 72" long and 40" wide (outer edge of curb). Shower door will be sliding, not hinging. Also, In doing so, this would only leave 24 inches of walkway between the vanity / toilet and the shower. I'll likely add some sort of shelving for the remaining space of the shower `12" (left hand side). Additionally, I'm thinking of removing the door and putting in a 24" pocket door that would align with the walkway. My questions are as below. I'll upload a pic of the design soon and of the bathroom when I can. I'm also open to thoughts and suggestions and hope that anyone that chooses to engage will be respectful and kind.

  • Is 24" walkway too small
  • is 24" pocket door too small
  • is 72" shower too long
  • is 40" shower too wide
  • is 12" shelving for towels/ linens too small and unusable
  • is a shower bench a bad idea? Would you put it on front or back side (under or opposite controls)? I don't want to put it on the side due to width.

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