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Are there any class 4 asphalt shingles that are not fussy/mottled?

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I have brick that has quite a few colors in it. Some of the house is also stucco. The original roof was a beautiful shake roof, but they are not permitted in my area any longer. The second roof done in 2000 was a reddish brown and brownish grey asphalt (first picture). Each shingle piece is a full color -- one or the other -- not a mix of colors and shades. I need to replace the roof for a number of reasons, and when I look at samples (second picture) and examples online, they ALL seem to be fussy, mottled-looking stuff that looks dreadful with the brick. Been to a couple roofers who cannot find shingles like the ones I have. What gives?


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