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I'm DONE with (regular) zucchini

When I lived in the PNW and California, I grew loads of zucchini. Gave away lots. Now that I've moved to SVB-land, ordinary zucchini has lost its attraction. In fact, it's hard for me to grow. Netting, hypodermic needles, etc. Now, in retrospect, it's a pretty bland vegetable. I'd go as far as to say almost tasteless. No wonder that, offered a donation of it, people usually respond, er, hesitantly. Given all that, I decided to try Tatume (which is a variety of what is sometimes called Mexican zucchini or calabacita) this year. Seems to be not just SVB "resistant", but almost immune. And the flavor (it has flavor!) is noticeably sweet. From my first harvest. Not quite like winter squash, but in that direction. It grows explosively with long vines. Vines can be trellised and or buried to make new roots adventitiously at leaf nodes. Beautiful huge orange flowers that the bees adore. It also loves heat, which I have plenty of, and is even pretty drought tolerant. Yep, I'm giving up on regular zucchini. Out the window. Heave-ho. I've dezukified my garden aspirations.

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