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Leaf spots on tomato seedlings

4 months ago

A few days ago (April 28) I noticed that some spots I had previously seen on one of my Sungold seedlings seemed to be spreading / getting larger:

I was alarmed and destroyed the plant to try to prevent spread to my other seedlings. Before that, the plant (a Sungold) was quite vigorous. All my tomato seedlings were started March 7 and this one was perhaps a foot tall and otherwise doing quite well.

Yesterday I noticed that another of my Sungold seedlings was showing spots, although they look a bit different:

These plants are grown indoors under lights, in a grow tent, with a ventilation fan continuously exhausting from the tent to keep temperature and humidity similar to the rest of the house. I have perhaps a dozen other tomato seedlings (including two more Sungolds) and so far haven't noticed issues with them. I also have several tomatillos and a wide variety of pepper seedlings and haven't noticed this affecting any of them.

I have been avoiding wetting the foliage when I water the plants, and so far they haven't been outdoors in the rain or very high humidity. I have taken them all outside a couple of times, for a couple of hours each time, to start hardening them off. I am in zone 6b, Pennsylvania.

Any ideas what is happening here? Should I get rid of the second plant too?

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