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Help with Haworthia/Zebra plant rot

Daniel L
last month


I am writing to ask for advice on how I can save my Haworthia from what seems to be rot that I recently noticed in the stem. I got the plant almost a year ago, and it was doing fine until a week or so ago.

Last week I noticed the top part of the plant was bent. When I inspected and removed some wilted loose leaves at the bottom, I found what seems to be rot in the stem (see picture 1). The only reason I can think of for this would be that the last time I watered it, the soil was very dry and potentially compacted, so maybe some of the water stagnated in the base of the crown. Although it was not evident while watering it and I use a squeeze bottle to avoid this.

Picture 1

I took the plant to the balcony to dry out, and today the top completely came off as I was inspecting it (see pictures 2 and 3). The leaves at the bottom were practically loose too (see picture 4).

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Is there a way to save my plant? What would I need to do to the top crown, the loose leaves, and/or the bottom with the roots (picture 5) to save something?

PIcture 5

The plant is meaningful to me and would like to try whatever that could save it. I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.



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