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Is this right...?

3 months ago

I have tried a lot of the methods found on this page and others; I have tried the methods of DCHall as well.

A little background: I have Zoysia (been told a variant of Empire Zoysia) and live in Alabama. My lawn WAS great. I have a tree in the front yard that is starting to up-root/surface-root. I don't know what happened, but something did, as that great lawn is no longer great. Things I have done: rabbit food/Milorganite on the Fed holidays, mow as high as I could, manage the water so it is deeply watered every week (vice a little everyday). I aerated last year.

Issues: the lawn has become patchy at best. There are a bunch of spots, mostly near that tree, that are just flat-out dirt now. When it rains hard, the water will pool in numerous spots, and where thre neighbor's lawn is green, mine just isn't. So I called a lawn service the sprays for weeds and puts down some fertilizer (I realize that the Milorganite and rabbit food is fert, but I am now trying both!) Last summer I was told I had grubs, so that same service treated for that. Side note: also got my soil tested and they said it had a pH of 4.83 and I therefore needed 477# of lime; I put down half of that and plan to put down the other half in a week or so.

What they said: I need to mow my grass much lower and I need to rake/thatch because the grass is basically being choked and the "nutrients" are not getting down to the roots.

Why I am asking: The mowing lower advice seems counter to what I read on here. The need to thatch also seems counter as I thought the "organic" method would sort of dethatch itself. I don't know how to proceed as I am questioning his advice based on what I have read on the Internet.


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