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Another 5:1:1 thread….

last month

I need a wetter potting media…I currently plant almost exclusively in cloth pots (5-65G currently) when it comes to my plants/trees that are outdoors. My patio plants are mostly in plastic with 50% of those in root pruning pots and the remaining are regular plastic pots. I use clay pots as well for some orchids as well as succulents. Can someone assist in providing what some more ideal amendments would be via either adjustments of the 5:1:1 ratios or additional amendments added for those whom have determined that this mix is just not feasible due to watering schedules. I live in zone 9b and find when I water my trees/plants the mix just does not hold enough water and depending on the temperatures and sun that day my plants will need to be watered two or even three times a day. That’s just far too much time on my part spent watering. I find almost everything about the mix fantastic with this one large issue. So for those who have determined this mix as simply too “dry” for you, what have you done to increase the water retention capabilities of the 5:1:1 mix? I have searched unsuccessfully for answers but I imagine I am doing something incorrect as I’m still not locating the information I seek. There really isn’t much I cannot acquire when it comes to amendments; It's just making the best educated decision however I am not a media expert hence this post. TIA for all your help.

P.S. I already have a large collection of amendments on hand which I will list below. I have no issue using any of these or if there is another recommendation I am open to that as well.




Napa Floor Dry (DE)



Sphagnum Moss

Peat Moss

Multitude of Coco products



Sponge Rock

Lava Rock - in many sizes



Clay pebbles (calcined clay, fired -the kind that does not turn to mush once wet)

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