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Fewer birds in the garden?

I keep waiting to see the usual amount of spring birds and so far it's been underwhelming. I usually have about 4 robins by now, lining up to take baths in the birdbaths. And there is normally some nest building somewhere. Not this year. I keep rinsing out and refilling the birdbaths and then don't notice any activity there.

Two reasons I wonder about - one is we have been dog sitting and our small 12lb dog spends a lot of time out in the yard. Or, I did see a hawk attack a bird almost 2 weeks ago. It was about 10ft away from me, I heard squawking to my R and turned expecting to see two birds fighting over territory and instead there was on bird on top of the other and I realized it was a very small hawk. Not like the hawks I usually see. It all happened so fast, I didn't notice what kind of bird it was, or where the hawk came from. It did fly off with the poor bird in it's clutches, very upsetting.

Would either of those reasons account for low numbers of birds? And does anyone else see this problem this year?

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