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Between The Rocks And a Wet Place --- Passover Travel

I was travelling a few weeks ago around Passover. Trying to catch up now back in NYC. Just a very quick summary. Sorry not much details.

Spent sometime in LA. Lots of rock climbing in Joshua Trees and enjoyed beach weather while it was freezing in NYC, eating, eating and more eating. Amazing large vintage auto museum ----- Don't remember the name. But I remember the interesting ice cream shop Mateo's. Very interesting flavors.

I had to make Passover dinner for 12 people. Let me tell you, not easy to cook for 12 people and impossible to cook well in someone else's kitchen.

Main dish, brisket, of course. Couldn't believe how expensive brisket has come to.

SV Brisket with 24 karots and peals. :-)


Joshua Trees

Getting wet, attacked by seaweeds

Cars are arts

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