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Face Lift For My Porch

Emily Nilson
last month

I want to spruce up my porch. I’m thinking about repainting the white trim white, the maroon trim black, and painting the door a mustard yellow or black. I’d also like to cut out the hedges and make the base of my porch look nicer. Maybe add a faux rock or brick there. I’d also like to add a tile over the concrete floor of the porch. I’m definitely going to get a new light and number sign. I’d like my house to look more modern. I’m eventually going to change my lawn to native species. I’ll probably plant a palo verde tree, which might tie in nicely to a yellow door. Please give me any suggestions on colors for the trim and door, light fixtures, and tile for the porch.

The first two pictures are my house. The last two are inspiration photos.

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