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Where to find a small 24" vanity with offset sink and offset drain

last year
last modified: last year

I have a vanity between a shower and a toilet in a small elongated bathroom. Due to code requirement and the small space available (which was confirmed in this post), I need

1) 15" from centerline of toilet and beginning of sink

2) and 30" from plumbing fixtures of toilet and sink.

3) optionally: I want the sink to be offset on the left in order to have extra elbow space for a right handed using the sink. There are 12"+8" from the glass of the shower, see pic below, so centered sink could be still fine, but a sink offset to the right a few inches could help/

4) If drawers are present, plumbing Chaise in drawers has to be offset as well

Conclusion: In order to fit everything, I need to keep the vanity edge 15" from the centerline of the toilet. Since the vanity is 24", if the drain is centered on the vanity then I only have 27" between plumbing fixture, so I need the drain offset to the right by 3". If the sink as a whole is offset to left by N inches, then the drain as to be offset to the right with respect to the center of the sink hole by N+3". The only vanity sink I found with this configuration is this, but it is not 24" and the offset should be in the other side. Maybe I am not using the right keyword, any vendor to suggest? Ideally, I would love to have a non-custom solution, but if there is no other way I am fine to go custom.

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