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Gateway to Hell

R Towner
2 months ago

We’ve been in the house for a few months. Its a 1970s 2 floor colonial with crawlspace under house and slab under garage.

I went down there to crawl around and see whats going on when I saw two things I am unfamiliar with.

1—is this big hole in the wall below fireplace, where a metal duct cap was lovingly shoved into the wall. This is surrounded by, what appears to be fragments of broken chimney liner on floor. One of the previous owners had the whole chimney rebricked and mortared when it fell away from the house in a storm. I would think this is some sort of ash dump, but the fireplace upstairs doesnt have a hole in the base. Any ideas would be appreciated.

2—- is this floor joist that looks like something bad happened to it? Is it rot? Is it termite damage? Its not on the inspection report. Any help would be great.

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