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Any success with bush anemone (Carpenteria) in Texas?

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9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Found 'Elizabeth' bush anemone (Carpenteria Californica) in a list of Greg Grant recommendations while looking for a flowering evergreen foundation shrub. Our trial plant seems to be doing well into its third seasons. So, this California native has survived two summers in north Texas heat and clay as well as the 2021 deep freeze under a snow covered plastic pot. It's planted against an east facing brick wall sheltered by a 2ft roof overhang on a lot that sits at the crest of a hill. While the clay soil doesn't drain quickly, it does drain well.

My question is has anyone had any longer term success in Texas with one of these? Imagine there are others around, though I can't recall ever seeing any here. It seems to be a very nice medium/large evergreen shrub, so can't help wondering if it might not survive long in our conditions.


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