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Kentucky K31 tall fescue with Corn Meal Gluten

I'm in zone 7A, western NC. We've been going through a climate shift over the last several years; we used to assume that our last frost would be around April 15, now it's more like May 15. It's currently April 26 and we've already had mid-80 days, but we just had a frost last week!

We're also seeing tornadoes annually, which is something we NEVER saw in the past! But I digress...

Last year, I did a lot of weed removal for my back yard and sowed Kentucky K31 tall fescue in September (I think). The yard is on the North side of my house, so about 1/3 of it is full shade, 1/3 of it is full sun, then 1/3 of it is dappled sun (thanks to mature pine trees around the perimeter).

I can see that the shadier areas of the lawn are thick and full this year, but that middle section is really nothing but weed.

So here are my questions:

1. Should I sow the middle area with K31 again, or is it really too much sun for that type of tall fescue?

1b. If K31 isn't a good choice in that middle area, what would you recommend?

2. Being late April, is it too late to sow anything anyway? Meaning that I'm going to have to suck it up this year, sow in September, and hope for better next year?

3. I spread corn meal gluten (CMG) monthly for about 2 years until I sowed grass seed last year. Am I right that I should not spread it until at least July if I sow any type of grass now?

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