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Tomato Seedling Nutrient Deficiency with possible overwatering

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi, wondering if I can get thoughts on my tomato dilema, and best route to treat, and opinon on how much time it wil take to turn this around.

I have some medium-small tomato seedlings which may have combined issues of an overwatered condition along with what looks like Nitrogen and/or Magnesim deficiently. I'm not sure I have the problem completely diagnosed due to some weird contrary indications in how they look, the dampness of the soil and how the nitrogen nutrients tested.

I hope I am going about addressing this issue as best I can given possible overwatered conditions.

What is weird is a small number of plants of a certain variety look GREAT and they had all the same envionent

These plants are part of a fund raiser and already sold to be delivered saturday, hoping I can pep them up here SOON.

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