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Placement of a serviceberry on my front lawn

last year
last modified: last year

Hey folks,

I have a small autumn brilliance serviceberry in my backyard that is in a poor location.

I want to move it to the front yard to fill in a spot on my neighbor's side. In the first pic attached, I have circled a very small blue cloak noncolor fir. They apparently do not grow very large/wide and are slow to grow in general but I am pointing it out because I want to make sure the serviceberry won't interfere with its growth. The norway maple is in bad shape and I will eventually cut it down. So I am thinking the SB should be planted a bit closer to the maple to allow it and the fir to grow naturally without interference - So I suppose just past the halfway point between the fir and the maple. The SB will be located pretty much in line with the corner of the house.

In the second pic, I have identified roughly where it think it should be planted. What are your thoughts on this new location?

thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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