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Spring Fling Eve

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Spring Fling Eve

Just checking in....

Here's what we're doing at our house:

Tom is going to get up early and smoke the turkey.

We have the BBQ sauce now.

Eggs are boiling for deviled eggs.

Is anyone worried about the wind and all the plants sitting out? I'm trying to find boxes that the trays will fit into. Found a couple that are long enough.

I am bringing several sturdy boxes. If it's windy I suggest, shop, and get your plants into boxes.

I'm also bringing extra trays.

German Johnson for Moni.

German Johnson for Nancy.

Several Jet Setters and Heidis

2 roselle for Lisa.

Also, a few extra Abe Lincoln tomatoes, a Snow White cherry, and a couple of extra German Johnson. If I've forgotten anyone, just let me know. Now, to figure out the parking pass situation. LOL

Copied and pasted from the "other place".