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Please help I'm overthinking my way out of ever having floors

last year

We need new floors but I have no idea what to do. Dogs rule out carpet & hardwood.

I love the durability of tile but living in the midwest everyone says that's a bad idea. Although given we plan on staying for a long time my real concern is finding someone who will do quality work.

SPC/LVP seems nice for the most part, some of the bevels concern me for crumbs though

Colors I'm so turn. I like cool colors, not so much warm. Most of our furniture is walnut so I think matching floors is a no go. I like gray, although that seems an unpopular opinion. I think dark would be lovely but I hear smudges are insane with that & wonder if it it would be too dark. We do have plenty of light though.

Any tips insight, inspiration, advice would be extremely helpful. So far I have countless flooring samples & no idea what to do.

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