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Are these Y s on the Angel Trumpet cuttings?

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I used to come to Brugmansia forum often many years ago and met a lot of friends here. Then we had a dog and had to remove all the trumpets from our garden. Now with our dog gone to heaven, I'm back to Angel Trumpet world.

I planted a CG last year and in the fall, took a few cuttings. I did not pay attention to the Y thing, which I should have. Now with the 5 cuttings I planted outside, 2 look like they might have a Y. But are they really so?

Also, this year I bought a pink brugmansia plant (no variety name). It is small with a few branches. Could any of them be a Y?

Y or not, I assume I should remove the growth beneath the junctions?

Thanks very much and happy gardening!


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