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Sherwin Williams Pure White or Extra White Help

5 months ago

A builder is offering SW Pure White and Extra White as tthe only whites (for walls, ceiling, trim). I got both from Samplize but since there is no house yet, I'm unable to get in to see the light. I'm worried Pure White will be too yellow/off white/ivory because some homes they did with it look too off white/yellow and I'm afraid Extra White might be too cool/dead. The main room faces East, Master BR South, office North. I've seen photos where both look great but who knows what'll look like here. I want a clean, crisp white but not bluish or cold. (I know Extra can look bluish facing North). I figure I can always warm up cool with lighting but not sure how I'd cool down yellow. Any suggestions or feedback as to PW or Xtra W? I know everyone loves Pure White, I'm just worried it's too soft or yellow and just not sure if it's clean and crisp enough. Thanks a big bunch.

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