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Making smooth yellow mustard and canning it?

7 months ago

Ok, I'm finally out of yellow mustard. The plain ole smooth stuff in the yellow bottle. I have the stuff to make my own copycat, and plan on doing so. Pretty easy, mustard powder, water, vinegar, salt, some garlic powder, maybe turmeric and paprika.

I figured if I'm gonna make a jar, why not maybe 2-3 jars worth and can some for later? But danged if I can find a canning version of this. I've found grainy mustards, beer/wines mustards, dijon, mustard sauces with sweet in them, Ball has 3-4 kinds in their book of all flavors and not just.... plain yellow mustard.

I don't want to try canning a plain yellow with any assumption that I am able to safely do so. But I haven't found one. I don't know if it's because the acid ratios just don't work with that kind of mustard, or if it makes too dense/weird of a thing to process right while chunky/grainy mustard works... or if I am not having luck today.

If I can't can a couple extra jars, then that's OK too. I'll still make a smaller batch of the stuff meant to store in the fridge for a few months.

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