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Well, that's one way to lose weight . . . (IBS)

l pinkmountain
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I've been on a diet since the beginning of the year, trying to lose at least 20 lbs. to see if that makes any difference in my bad cholesterol numbers. I had lost about ten pounds, was dialing back as many cholesterol containing foods as practical, upping my anti-oxidants, fiber, fruits and veggies, etc.

Then I got hit with the worst bout of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that I have ever had during the 15 years I've had the diagnosis. The worst "flare up" I ever had lasted maybe a day and a half, and I could count the flare ups on one hand, like maybe every couple of years. This one is into week 3 and I'm finally getting a little bit better. I have had an x-ray to rule out a blockage, and Monday I will have an ultrasound and then in a couple of weeks a colonoscopy to see if there are any additional complications. I am now under the care of a gastroenterologist. I've also been taking all the herbs and an anti-spasmodic, drinking lots of fluids, etc. IBS used to be called "spastic colon" and that actually describes it pretty well, intermittent waves of gut cramps and for me, my entire digestive tract sort of shut down. No appetite.

I lost maybe two pounds in ten days, so nothing drastic and I have plenty to spare. Now I am on a special diet of small meals and fairly restrictive food choices. You can read more about it here,

It's pretty much a gluten free diet, even stricter than most, and also the other big limit is on cruciferous vegetables. That has been the hardest part for me, because they are all my favorite plus they are less expensive than most other veggies and we eat them every day. For now, I have to eat cooked vegetables and fruits, so no lettuce or celery sticks and the like either. Dairy limited to cultured stuff and hard cheeses, but since they are high in saturated fat, I can't eat much cheese anyway, darn it! No citrus for now too. Those are the biggies. And of course no refined sugars or carbs, no alcohol (for now, but that was pretty much a thing for me anyway, other than occasional splurges). The diet guide says, "No seeds or stems." I can eat nuts if they are ground into nut butters. I'm also supposed to eat things like flax and chia seeds . . .

The idea is to change the "biota" in your gut. I don't think that "bad biota" is the sum total of what my problem is, but it can't hurt. I am all about "microbiomes" as it is a huge driver in ecosystem ecology, and we are learning more and more about it every day. If I ever got my PhD it would have been in microbiology of the soil . . . but I digress. It's not easy for me to find fresh fermented foods around here with active cultures. We make our own yogurt, but no kombuchu or miso that is "alive" can be purchased within 50 miles. My cousin makes her own kombuchu but I don't think I'm going to get into that . . . I saw some tempeh in the grocery store yesterday but it was "Buffalo tempeh" which is a no no for now . . .

It's not that bad since I eat this way a lot anyway, but I'm not real keen about having to make so many more foods from scratch, like having to make smoothies instead of just grabbing a yogurt cup, etc. I made pumpkin chicken curry last night and it was delicious, but the oat flour pancakes this morning were rubbery and not drastically different from a bowl of whole grain oats and a whole lot more fuss, so that's not going to become one of my "go to" dishes. Making curried creamy carrot soup right now for lunch. Salmon and acorn squash for dinner, with a pilaf of mushroom barley and peas. They don't include barley on the food list, but I tolerate it well.

Anyone else have IBS and diet like this? A lot of this is standard vegan, heart healthy anti-inflammatory gluten-free stuff that many are doing nowdays . . . Any favorite dishes. I've always loved Thai pumkin curry, first heard of it here on the Cooking Forum back when this was just "Garden Web", many many moons ago from former poster JessyF.

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