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Need help picking a sliding door configuration design.

2 years ago

I have 2 72” windows at the back of my house that I’d like to convert to sliding doors. This is poured concrete wall that will need to be reconfigured to add a new header since I’d like to go bigger than my current opening. I live in south Florida and the back of the house faces a pool and a garden so pretty nice to look at.

Need help deciding how I should go about creating a whole wall of glass (at a fraction of the cost). I’d obviously be wanting to get one of those bifold doors that you see in HGTV but am sticker shocked at the pricing for those. I’ve played around with adding 2 108” sliding doors with picture windows on the sides. My cousin has a similar setup with picture windows flanking her French doors and I like the way it gives her the illusion of all glass but it was less expensive than doing a whole wall of doors.

Looking for any design suggestions that might give me lots of bang for my buck.

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