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Help with finding the right electric trimmer

Amber Shaffer
last year

Hi - I need a good trimmer to help me get at some difficult weeds. I've been looking at different edger/trimner models but I haven't been able to figure out an answer to this question:
Say a battery pack is 40V and it has a 1.5 Ah run time, would that make it more powerful than if it had the same voltage but a longer run time?
I'm looking for something that has a good amount of torque to get through weeds.
I understand that a gas powered trimmer would be powerful but it's not a good option for me.
It would be a huge help to me to understand if a shorter run time = more torque? I'm not exactly sure that torque is even the right word exactly but I just need something that can get through thick weeds.
If two batteries have the same voltage but one has a 4Ah runtime and the other has a 1.5Ah runtime would one be a more powerful option?
Also if anyone has any recommendations for a nice trimmer that would be great as well.
Thank you,

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