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Pull up a non blooming bulb or give it another year

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Last year, one of my double daffifolds did it 3 years in a row. Leafed, flower bud never opened and slowly it became a dried flower bud. I have read that some doubles are more sensitive to bud blast

Last year, I decided to give it a hail mary. I dug up the entire bed (400+ bulbs) in all, reseated them, split some very small bulblets, etc. None were cramped in their exsiting planing hole. Well aware I might have a small *handful* of losses as some bulbs did get nicked by the shovel in the process of digging them all out to reseat.

This year, we did get a late freeze. 2 or 3 nights did dip quite low...other woody shrubs that showed intial leafout, some are more middle of the road brown/green. But on the same bulb, Tahiti has bloomed just fine and Flower Parade remains shut....and not blooming

Dare I give it another year before I dig it out just because I did reseat them and maybe this year, is their acclimation year. And or what I am considering, which is spot all bulbs not opening and dig them all out while I can see which one it is. I have my Tahiti and Flower Parade mixed together.



Lit some candles and did a magic dance in front of them with shovel in hand, letting them know I mean business. If it doesn't open up in 2 weeks, out she comes. It's going to be alot easier when I can see them in the green.

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