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Silver Lining new rose for 2022

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Just wanted to share my experience on this new rose for 2022, Silver Lining, a floribunda from Weeks (different than the *other* Silver Lining by Dickson). There's not a lot of info out there on it yet.

It was a bagged rose at my local nursery; I usually do not buy roses unless I've done research on them, but my son was with me and we bought it on a whim because we both like lilac tones. =)

Very healthy and began forming 11 buds within 3 weeks of planting it in a pot. I was very surprised by how quickly it formed buds.

It bloomed, very pretty silvery/lilac, and looked as if it were glowing from a distance. It lasted through two days in 100 degree heat and looked fine! The next blooms were more lilac, and due to that heat wave, the other buds opened more quickly, but still looked formed and did not lose petals after a few days on the bush.

I really love the greenish yellow at the base. Little scent. I had zero expectations for it and I am pleasantly surprised by its health and ability to take the heat without fading to white!

Here it is in stages:

After about 4 days the first blooms were fully open

The rest of the blooms were more lilac


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