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Need furniture/rug suggestions - dining room and living room

Emily Peltz
9 months ago

e bought a condo in Florida in 2017. We have our last ever renters there now so are ready to replace several pieces of furniture - which may also lead to replacing an area rug.

The best pictures are a couple years old and before we put in new flooring/stair rail/painted. The new floor is Flagstaff Oak - posting a pic as mine all come out darker/more gray.

This is the dining room. The pictures and side piece are staying, although the side piece is more brick red than this shows. The walls are 25% of this color - a very light yellow or very yellow cream.

As you're standing here, the stair is to your left.

This is the dining room table I've picked out. Thinking parsons chairs, maybe in the lime/apple green that's in several other rooms, but hoping for thoughts and other suggestions.

Moving on to the living room (and you can see from the dining room through the kitchen to the living room. Showing a few views. The floor is now the same flagstaff oak that's everywhere else. The valance is gone. The walls are 25% of the lighter color.

The sea grass chairs and table are staying. The couch and chair are going. The rug is up for discussion.

We are getting Sherrill brand furniture - looking for suggestions on fabric as I'm wildly indecisive. Also interested on thoughts about the rug and what you might replace it with.

Please let me know what questions I can help with. Can't wait to see ideas!

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