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Basement insulation question

Frank Marsh
last year

Contractor is finishing a walk-out basement for me, so some exterior walls are partial concrete and then above ground exterior framing. The unfinished basement had the fiberglass insulation on the framed exterior walls covered with a white plastic, and insulation of the concrete part held up with some fabric.

Finished basement has furred walls floor to ceiling in front of those exterior walls. My question is; when re-insulating, should the plastic holding the insulation in the exterior framing be removed, or can it stay? does it matter? if left as is, there will be the insulation in the exterior wall, that plastic, possibly a small air gap, and the insulation in the furred wall.

Is the plastic any sort of vapor barrier or is it just there to hold the insulation in place?

The home is in the northwest if that matters, so relatively cold winters and dry, hot summers. It was built in 2020

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