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Yellow & brick ranch in need of ... something

Becca R.
last year
last modified: last year

I'm closing soon on this house. I fell in love with the setting but not with the exterior of the house. Fixing some exterior damage and repainting is a high priority. The shutters, siding, and garage interior are all painted a warm yellow color. It looks sort of creamy in these photos, but it's definitely yellow. There is pretty much no exterior landscaping other than the trees. It is such a bland blank slate that I'm not sure where to start. What would y'all do to this exterior to give it a post-1980s life?

ETA: Here's some better photos from the appraisal. I live a few hours away, so I can't get a pic of the door, but it is just a generic 80s wood door with a white low-end storm door. But you can see the yellow better in these pics.

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