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Changing toilets.

2 months ago

I want to change toilets.

  1. Will I have enough room? In the downstairs bathroom, there is 3.5 - 4" of space before it would hit the door (see first picture).

In the master bathroom, there's 6" of space.

Will I have enough room for both?

2. Should I just do one toilet first, or both?

What do you think between these three?

  1. Dual flush, 17" high, $209, 30.1875" deep (might be too much, I'll need to get the handyman to measure and give his opinion)

2) Dual flush, 17" high, $99, 28" deep

3) Dual flush, 16.5" high, $229, 31" deep (will definitely need some creative placement)

Also, if I order from Home Depot, they have a $55 porch delivery option, or $85 inside the house delivery option. Should I take the cheaper delivery option, or have them deliver inside the house?

Even 28" might be pushing it, I'll have to get the handyman's opinion either way, before ordering.

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