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Need ideas for Privacy Screen from neighbors - hedgewall???

8 months ago

A tree that provided privacy from our neighbors died and we're looking for ideas on how best to provide privacy from the neighbors. We live in hot Phoenix and I am missing the green that the tree provided, plus it softened the hard look of the blank wall.

We've considered artificial hedge wall - but we'd have to attach it to something and then figure out how to secure it to the ground. Plus, we'd like to be a good neighbor and not have our neighbors have to look at the back side of the hedge wall.

Also considered Orange Jubilee (we have one on the other side of the yard providing privacy), but it would take a couple of years to fill in. This wall faces North and pretty much gets full sun. There is a drip line there though.

Any privacy ideas?

This is how it looked with the old tree.

How it currently looks.

This is the other side of the yard where a Ficus tree, Orange tree and an Orange Jubiliee between them provides privacy.

The neighbors on the other side of our house put up a privacy fence. It's not terrible, but we've planted two Yellow Bells to soften the broad expanse of the wall and provide privacy for the area not covered by the fence.

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