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Understanding LVP brands

6 months ago

I've seen a lot of posts on here comparing vinyl plank flooring products from different lines and brands. I'm preparing to put in LVP in my basement in Toronto Canada, and my contractor has built in an allowance for the LVP itself. He suggested we go look at available products in a particular flooring store in the suburbs of Toronto. We found a product there we liked, but they only seemed to carry a couple brands of LVP, and now I've come home and looked up the product we chose the only hit I get is their store, so I'm wondering if it's something they manufacture themselves (seems unlikely?) or if it's someone else's product they rebrand under a store brand. As I've seen the reviews people post here about issues with specific LVP brands, I'd really love to read some reviews of this product but that doesn't seem possible.

Here's what I'm looking at:

We like the look, but should we be comparison shopping? We're not obligated to order through this store, though it would be easiest to do so. If we should shop around what qualities are we looking for in a click LVP? Is this possibly a more widely-available product being sold under a store brand?

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