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Tomato seedlings looked poorly within hours of transplant

6 months ago

Hello friends, I started these tomato seedlings in my house under a grow light, in temperatures about 68 degrees or warmer. They are Sungold and Sakura cherry tomatoes. A few days ago, I put them in pots in my greenhouse in a soil mix that I made from compost, some garden soil, some coconut fiber and perlite. I watered them well. Literally within HOURS they started to look poorly. The bottom leaves wilted or turned brown. The temperature in the greenhouse that first day was moderate - probably about 70% degrees They were not too dry. The compost is made mostly of horse manure that may not be fully composted. The soil is from a garden where I did grow tomatoes last year. The tomates growing there showed no sign of disease during the year. ( I did not think of the fact that I had used soil that grew tomatoes last year. - I won't do that again.) The astonishing part was how quickly they were affected. They seem to be slowly growing worse. Also, I will put a photo of a petunia plant that seems to be suffering a little too, grown in a similar mix. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks a million, Peggy

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