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the challenge of compulsive cutting syndrome

katob Z6ish, NE Pa
6 months ago

Outside I'm ruthless with tossing extras and composting seedlings and divisions I don't really need, but indoors... I feel like I need to pot up every last bit of stem that might root and every offset and sideshoot. I guess since they're 100% under my care they're like little pets rather than the invading hordes which are trying to take over outside.

I have a few florescent shop lights in a small room at the back of the garage and nothing is in there in August, but slowly things appear as it gets colder outside. People give me cuttings, I buy a houseplant or two, and then I take a few more cuttings. I might have wanted to overwinter a single geranium but now after a winter of growing I have a half dozen plants... which I'll need to find homes for in May.

Now I'm running out of potting soil and room. I put two flats of succulents and several amaryllis outside in a sheltered spot, but they came back in this week as temps dropped below freezing again. Of course I already filled their spots under the lights with new cuttings so hopefully they'll be back out tomorrow. I'm just guessing but I'm well over 200 little pots crammed in all over and I think this weekend I need more inch plant cuttings just because.

Here's one of the benches. This used to be a workshop bench and I'm so glad I boxed up all the tools and grew more plants here instead.

Anyone else getting into trouble indoors because they can't stop adding new plants??

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