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Cambria. Buyer Beware

Dennis and Mitzi Finn
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

The purchase of our Cambria countertops was a significant decision in the remodeling of our kitchen and we would like to be able to say that we love our Cambria countertops, but unfortunately that is not the case. We received a small 3x3 inch sample of New Quay along with a larger sample from Natural Stone Concepts in Huntsville, AL. Based on the warm tones, we felt like the New Quay quartz countertops would be a wonderful choice to go with our color palette. To assist me and the design company doing our renovation we decided to purchase a larger New Quay sample, size 12x10 inches from Cambria, which again confirmed that New Quay would be a great choice to reflect the warm tones in our kitchen and throughout our home.

The quartz that was installed does not have the warm tones that are represented in all three samples we acquired. I’ve also viewed another New Quay sample at a local Cambria dealer in Huntsville, AL and again it is consistent with the other samples. We understood that quartz would not exhibit variations like you would see in granite and the samples we used to make our selection misrepresented the quartz that was installed. Had we known this before hand we would not have chosen the New Quay quartz. It actually appears as if something is missing in the color combination for this quartz that was installed. We have used an interior designer and spent many hours making sure all the choices we made complimented each other for our home renovation. We feel we did our due diligence to make sure a mistake was not made. We most definitely feel this was a bait and switch. Unfortunately, we see another kitchen remodel in our near future. $12,000 WAISTED!!!!

Left side is a sample from Cambria with a 3x3 sample from the local fabricator. Right side is the quartz that was installed.

We visited several stores before making the final selection of New Quay Everyone was consistent with stating that you do not have the variations in quartz that you do with granite. We even visited a Cambria showroom when we were considering a different quartz so we could see what a whole slab looked like and it was consistant with the samples. A slight variation would have been acceptable but it appears there was a color left out if tge formula for our slab

Cambria has been contacted and said this is acceptable.

What we ordered vs what was installed

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