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36" induction range suggestions needed or switch to 30"??

Jennifer Weinman
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

Maybe I'm trying to find a unicorn, but from what I've searched, there's not a whole lot of options for 36" induction ranges. I can find tons of gas options or 36" induction cooktops, but not many ranges. We had originally been set for gas, and then my husband decided induction was worth the change (I'm in agreement on that).

Here's what I'm finding and would love input on:

  • Electrolux
  • Fisher & Paykel (I'm leaning towards this but would love to find something a bit les expensive if we can)
  • ILVE (i'm having a hard time finding much on this brand in way of reviews)
  • Verona
  • Viking
  • Bertazonni
  • Dacor
  • Thor (this seems more affordable but should I be concerned about that?)
  • AGA (never heard of this one)
  • Frigidaire - This looks somewhat promising!

Budget-wise, yes we can splurge a bit on this and get a brand new F&P for $7-8K+ tax....but, we'd also love to find some ways to save on this if we can, so I'd love to hear feedback on any options that might be a bit less or what we should avoid.

Of note: we are big foodies and love to cook, and both my husband and I will work together in the kitchen, so in our minds is worth it...but that was when we were looking at a gas range with 6 appears with induction its now part of me is wondering, should we cut our losses and just get a nicer 30 inch since it may not gain us that much cooking real estate to go to 36??? Thoughts? We have had an absolutely crappy stove forever, so trust me, ANYTHING will be an upgrade for us.

Any brands or models we should consider or stay away from? Should we go down to 30"? Would love to hear from others

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  • mcarroll16
    6 months ago

    I think a 30" would be ok IF you can get a range with burner controls on the front of the range. The touch controls on the cooktop eat up a lot of space, so you want a 36" cooktop if you have those. You also want at least 36" if it's the big central burner with satellite burner configurations. Last owners of this house had a 30" cooktop with that configuration. If we put a large pot on the central burner, it made the other burners unuseable except for very tiny saucepans.

  • Toronto Veterinarian
    6 months ago

    That Thor range isn't induction, which is probably why it's cheaper than the rest ;)

    Jennifer Weinman thanked Toronto Veterinarian
  • akrogirl32
    6 months ago
    last modified: 6 months ago

    I had the 30” Viking range briefly, before returning it and getting a Miele. I loved the induction range top part of it, but hated the oven. The fan noise was too much for me, and I wasn’t impressed by the temperature control for baking. We had a 40” range before, so I was a little concerned about space but that hasn’t been an issue for the way we cook. There are differences in the arrangment of the burners between the various ranges. Some put the big burner/s in the back, some put it in the front - something that might be a factor in how you like to cook.

  • 4arnottp
    6 months ago

    I have the 30’’ Electrolux induction which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is the best stove I’ve ever had. Good size oven and heating surface so that I can use multiple burners without the problems discussed by mcarroll16. With the shortage of appliances post-pandemic, you might not have the same choices you had in the past. I will never have anything except induction now.

  • Fori
    6 months ago

    I'm starting to look for a 30" one. That 36" Frigidaire looks great--the 30" ones aren't nearly as stylish or I'd probably be on it.

    Get a good layout on the cooktop, but all induction is going to be pretty similar. I went from a 1983 induction cooktop to a new one (in about 2012) and the differences in performance were minor. They're all going to be close. So aside from the hob layout, be sure the oven does what you want.

    Remember (if you're remodeling/building) that you don't just save money with 30" on the range itself. You save on the hood above it.

    AGA has been around forever. Their traditional ranges are kinda weird. If you go that route be sure you can get service. They're kinda niche.

  • Jennifer Weinman
    Original Author
    6 months ago

    @Fori Thanks for the insight. I kind of wondered about "new" technology in ranges in general, it seems that adding things like smart features and air fry are really the only options, other than updating style or energy efficiency. Do you have any suggestions on vents/hoods since you mentioned it? That's our next step