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Voles, the piranhas of the hosta garden

As I started to clear away the leaf mulch from my hosta crowns last weekend, I encountered several examples of vole damage. Seven hostas are gone. What is truly remarkable about this is that they were planted in wire baskets in the ground, with the rim of the basket 1-1.5 inches above of the soil level. For each of these, the voles tunneled near the soil surface around the basket, thus mounding up the soil to meet the rim of the basket. Then, I assume the vole sauntered out of the tunnel, climbed onto the tunnel, and then scampered down into the delicious basket of expensive hosta. I lost Sagae (the one that floated between the autumn ferns), Solar Flare (the cover photo for my July 2020 hosta garden post), Forbidden Fruit, Delta Dawn (so pretty), Climax (sadness), Cloudburst, and an albescent Home Depot NOID that my son fell in love with years ago when he was about 8 years old. All of them are replaceable if I want to do so, except the NOID. I think it is Janet (ordered online already); there are not a lot of albescent ones...

Voles, the piranhas of the hosta garden. And mine have figured out how to get into the wire baskets.

Here is all that is left of Sagae.

I have planted this apple-core sized, gnawed upon crown remnant. Sagae was one of my first hosta, 6 years old. It was about 3 ft tall and wide last summer.

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