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Help! They need help with stain on my beams

10 months ago

My living room and bedroom have Douglas fir beams that have been orange since I bought the house. They looked like that 80s 90s orange stain with lacquer that yellowed over the years.

I have been trying and trying to find a brown that has a slight gray to it. My new furniture is a brown with gray undertones, but my kitchen cabinets are mahogany. I am using solid stain because none of the stains, including semi transparent, covered up the orange of the Douglas fir. They were sanded down to Raw wood and the orange still showed through everything. I always thought it was the stain that made them look so orange I did not realize it was also the species of wood.

I tried mixing browns with a little gray and it went on the beams very green. After getting very tired of shopping for the right color I just chose smoked Amber. The painter put it on today when I was at work. It’s not horrible… But it looks looks green to me and definitely doesn’t look great with my cabinets. I was hoping more brown and definitely didn’t want green. Does anyone know if I could put another solid stain over the top of this one to make it look more brown?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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